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Public Relations

Margaret - Briggs


My Fellow Alumni:

I trust that by now you are back home safe and sound. To those of you who stayed on in New York or who embarked on extended vacations to other places, do continue to enjoy your time out.

Our Reunion: Exciting! Exhilarating! Emotional! Nostalgic! What a week it was! And what satisfaction it brought as one by one, an alumnus or alumna expressed joy and satisfaction about sharing this experience with us.

Permit me if you would to share special moments with you:
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Rosalind McLymont

Prepared keynote remarks by Rosalind (Ivy Kilkenny) McLymont For the Bishops' High School alumni association's 11th International reunion New York, July 23, 2014

Thank you, Paula, for that warm introduction

Being among you is like exhaling. When, amid the daily battles of life in an adopted home, you find yourself in the embrace and acceptance of people with whom you share a language, a culture, and the understanding that comes from a singular experience, yes, it's truly like exhaling.

  • madame chairman;
  • madame president of the New York Tri-State chapter;
  • executive members of the New York Tri-State chapter;
  • executive members of the bishops high school alumni Association chapters - Guyana and worldwide;
  • mme. Headmistress;
  • former and current BHS teachers;
  • my sisters of the entering class of 1961
  • fellow BHS alumni

I am honored and humbled to be standing before you as the keynote speaker for this occasion.
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Karen Sinclair

The Bishops’ High School New York Tri-State
Twenty-fifty Anniversary Commemoration Service
Sunday October 26th, 2014
St. Mark's Episcopal Church Brooklyn, New York

Reverend Bramble, distinguished guests, fellow alumni, friends, we come together under this hallowed roof, with the common purpose of commemorating the twenty-fifth anniversary of the New York Tristate chapter. Yet for each of us this moment represents a different season and a different time in each of our lives.

LET US PRAY: God, we come before you with thanks for bringing us to this precious moment of peaceful commemoration. We ask that the words shared here today be transformed into enrichment for each of us, in your name. AMEN

In the year 1870, founder Mrs. Vyfhuis took the first steps that led to The Anglican Bishops in Guyana starting The Bishops’ High School. At the time that Mrs. Vyfhuis was appointed as the first Headmistress, work on the Brooklyn Bridge, an engineering marvel here in New York, was only just beginning. It was a time of transformation when other structures and institutions we respect today were also just emerging: In October that year, the first Vatican Council adjourned in Italy. In British Guiana, late in April, a British geologist became the first European to see the majestic Kaieteur Falls, a legend in Europe until then.

It was a time to build marvelous bridges and to lay legendary foundations such as the Bishops’ High School for girls, tucked away in the little colony, British Guiana.
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Read about us ... Newsletter-2013

Edited by:Anzie Fraser, Gail Nunes, Camille Boxhill, Karen Sinclair

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Public Relations Margaret - Briggs

My fellow alumni,
Greetings from your Executive.

It is indeed an honor and privilege to be elected President of the Bishops' High School Alumni Association, New York Tri State Chapter Inc. I come to this position knowing that it takes dedication, commitment and hard work to be the President of this vibrant Chapter. Also, for me to succeed I need the executive committee, to whom I say congratulations and thank you for wanting to be a part of this team. I look forward to your guidance and support while working with you over the next two years:

  • Vice-President - Camille Boxhill
  • Treasurer - Nazeleen Sataur
  • Secretary - Jacqueline Smartt
  • Asst. Secretary/Treasurer - Wayne Knight

I begin this position with the short term goal of increasing membership - in particular male alumni; getting members who have stopped attending meetings to return and to be active, and to continue fostering good relationships among the active members.

To this end, I would like to announce the following members at large:

  • Public Relations Officer - Pattie Briggs
  • Fund Raising Chairperson - Jackie Cholmondeley
  • Membership Coordinator - Sharon Thomas-Munro

Naturally, the long term goal is -- Reunion 2014. As you are aware, the New York Tri-State Chapter will be hosting the 11th International Reunion; from July 22 to July 27, at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Hauppauge, Long Island. The Executive is committed to making this Reunion the Event of 2014. Our plans are being executed and we are excited.

I am gratified by the outpouring of the offers of encouragement that I have received from our members and supporters. Thank you and I look forward to your continued cooperation as we move forward.

Margaret R. Briggs,

Immediate Goals

Our immediate goals are:

  • To encourage financial support of our alma mater, Bishops' High School
  • To raise funds by coordinating and promoting fund-raising events
  • To promote and enhance effective communications between the School and its alumni
  • To nurture relationships with current and future members and encourage them in their endeavor to give back to the School
  • To encourage networking among our alumni through our Association's meetings and events

Future Goals

Our long term goals are to:

  • Encourage membership
  • Promote a viable cyber business network
  • Enhance our website to foster business relationships and ecommerce among alumni; and between alumni and our Corporate Associates
  • Develop mutually beneficial relationships with business
  • Encourage corporate donations.
  • Encourage more member participation by facilitating membership and collaboration among our members


Our Alumni needs us!
Our Alma Mater needs us!

We have numbers but our true strength is in our UNITY!

Embrace your greatness!

You were created to be great, and since you are a divine light, shine that we may all benefit from your radiance.

Embrace your greatness for it is your birthright!